SoundBox Project

The MMx SoundBox is a standalone audiofile search engine and audio editor that contains almost 10GB of the best Montage MX Sound Design, much of which can not be found in the general library. The SoundBox allows the user to rapidly search through thousands of audiofiles using simple keyword buttons, and then modify the pitch and playback direction of the sound, or select alternate versions (distorted, robotic, etc). Then the sound can simply be dragged directly into a folder, an Avid bin, or a Final Cut Pro sequence.

The folder containing the database and all the audiofiles can be relocated to any drive. It can even be stored on a central server so that multiple editors can access the files from one drive.

The collection of sounds contained in the SoundBox database is constantly being updated, and editors are encouraged to request that certain sounds be created and added. If the application is opened on a computer with an internet connection, it will automatically check our ftp site for new audiofiles and ask if you’d like to download them.

The SoundBox is available for free to editors and music supervisors currently working in the trailer or promo industry. If you’d like to request that a copy be sent to you, please send an email to this link, and tell us a little bit about who you are.

To download a pdf with the instruction sheet for the SoundBox, click here .

NOTE: The update from version 1.0 to version 2.0 of the SoundBox included several GB of new sounds — too much to conveniently download. If your copy displays “SoundBox v.1.0” in the upper-left-hand corner, let us know and we’ll get you an up-to-date copy of the SoundBox immediately.

The SoundBox also contains AIFF copies of all our precut TV30 soundbeds. Many of these contain very richly layered arrangements, and often just one small part of a TV30 can be the sound you need to kick your project up to a higher level. Version 2.0 of the SoundBox makes it easy to export just a small segment of an audiofile, so you can isolate just one crazy moment out of a 30-second audio and turn it into a clip of just the right length. You can also just use the SoundBox search engine to quickly find a TV30 bed that you like, then download the Avid or FCP sequence from our TV Spots website.

The SoundBox contains some of the most popular and useful trailer sound design in the world, and the entire collection can be blanket-licensed. Please contact for more information