PreCut TV30s

In addition to our regular library and our SoundBox application, Montage MX also has produced a large collection of pre-cut TV30 audio soundbeds which are available as Avid and Final Cut Pro sequences.  The idea was to give editors a great template for the beginning stages of cutting a TV spot, including white flashes at the significant cut points, so that video can be instantly synced with the rhythmic elements of the audio.

The audiobeds can be auditioned with the SoundBox or on the private TV30 site, then the appropriate format (Avid or FCP) can be downloaded and easily imported into the editing system.  Here is an example of what one of our sequences looks like after import into the Avid:


With over 100 audio soundbeds to choose from in all genres, the MMx TV Spots are an editor’s best friend when they need to come up with something fast, when they’re suffering from blank-sequence-paralysis, when they need to work in a style outside their comfort zone, or when they just want a creative kick in the pants.

We are continuing to expand this library as it grows in popularity, and depend heavily on feedback from producers and editors to help us refine and diversify the collection, and to make the precut sequences more and more useful.

To request access to the private TV Spot site, or to have a copy of the collection sent to you, please contact us.